In the Pipeline

Welcome to content. We’ve got some real treats  (Wrong.) for you, our many loyal fans.

First up we’ve got the partial translation of a novel which had already been translated, in which the main character is probably the fastest, and then fucks his sister or something.

After that, we’ll be revisiting our ongoing translation of a game about literal kaleidoscopes and fucking one’s students, I think.

–1150 Nineboy

Can I talk? Can I have a chance to respond? Okay. It’s all just words. Words. Anyone can say words. I would know, words have been said to me all the time. People come to me and they say words, and I listen to them. I listen to them. But I know what’s going to be better. This is going to be better. This is going to be bigger than words. It’s going to be big. It’s going to be big and beautiful. I know big. I also know beautiful, and believe me folks, this is beautiful. I know greatness when I see it, I see greatness every day–I work with some of the smartest people and they have some of the smartest ideas, they know, just, what it takes to be big, they’re not, just, all words, like some people. I just want the people–that’s right, the people–you see these politicians talking about how they’ll do this or how they’ll do that but how often do they actually get things done? No. The people want to see results, folks, and I bring the results. I get things done, it’s as simple as that–it’s what the people want to see. Maybe it’s not what you, or your buddies in Washington, like, but it’s what the people–and me, because I’m always thinking about the people–it’s what the people want. Listen to the people.


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