Welcome to the [dasqu].

About the Authors

We do cool things like pretend to translate, almost release things, and generally fuck up.

Our translator has made one (or more) pilgrimages to the Holy Lands. From there, she was greatly inspired by the sights and sounds. She later went on to train under a waterfall, which she nicknamed “Grand Master.”

Our engineer and resident editor has similarly made several pilgrimages. However, her story differs quite a bit. Having seen the greatness of the Holy Lands, her eyes were blinded by their splendor. She would later journey home, ponder upon what she had witnessed that day, and like the Mozart of a New Age, folded her keyboard exactly one million times and forged the strongest katana whilst blind and blindfolded.

Note: If we are told to remove anything by a higher authority, we will indeed pussy out and remove it immediately.




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